Yes. I know that I haven’t been blogging. Just wanna say that I’m still alive LOL I’m too busy with my life to continue blogging or should I say… blogging is a bit too time consuming for me. Will update here as soon as I can. Lots of reviews to post!! In the meantime, please follow me on Instagram as I post more updates there 🙂

Till then~


Lovebonito Petite Carlynn Dress in Size M

Admittedly, this dress didnt caught my eyes when I saw it on their facebook preview album. Not a fan of white dresses as it will make me appear even wider. But after reading lots of people raving about the prints and cuttings, I decided to hunt for this dress since it was OOS at that time. No luck in finding people who sell it without marking up the price. Since there was a backorder, I decided to wait for them to restock this dress. I was lucky to cart out as it was selling liked hotcakes! This is their first time launching Petite range and I was deciding to get the normal or petite range. After seeing the measurements and others reviews, I decided to get Petite as midi dresses are totally unflattering for me.

 photo CIMG0523_zpsd77bcc64.jpg

The prints are TDF!!! A mixture of koi, floral and other oriental prints. Fell in love with the prints after I took it out from the package. Its so gorgeous!!!

 photo CIMG0524_zps479c0eeb.jpg

 photo CIMG0520_zpsace7baaf.jpg

Took my usual size M and it fit like a glove! I can finally see my waist!! This dress is super flattering despite its bodycon design. But it is not a tummy friendly dress. I have to constantly remind myself to suck in my tummy LOL The back zip is not as smooth and it got stuck a bit when I tried to zip it up. Material is really thick, lux and smooth. A bit liked scuba diving material. Doesnt come with inner lining but material is thick enough.

Thank goodness the length is decent enough for me 🙂 When I worn out, it does rides up a bit but I dont have to keep on adjusting it as the dress is not indecently short.

 photo IMG_20140112_111334_zps1j7ifob4.jpg

Im UK 10, 1.67m

Happy 9th Wedding Anniversary!

We got married 9 years ago on the 12th January. How time flies! We are going to touch 10 years of anniversary soon! Every couple have their own ups and downs. Glad that we managed to pull through those difficult period of time. Marriage is never easy. So never take each other for granted.

My anniversary gift!!

 photo DSC01172_zpsa0135c00.jpg

Heres how the story goes… I was listening to my music when he came home from work. Told me to help him take some of his stuffs up from his vehicle. Okay, so I went down. Saw a huge ass DHL package and thought nothing of it. It wasnt heavy but super bulky to carry. Imagine I’ve to carry the keys, the box and his bottle. Once I reached home, I was complaining to him about the size of that box. He told me to open it and tadah~~ my dream bag is laying in there!! OMG!! Im so happy! Its exactly the one that I saw at Paragon’s Givenchy! Thank you, hubby!!

Skipped my usual Sunday morning yoga so that we can have an early lunch. Decided to dine at Saveur. Been wanting to try their food ever since I heard lots of raves from my friends. A lot of people were telling me about the super long queue outside so we were a bit kiasu… We reached before 12pm 😛 No queue at all!

Mushroom Cappuccino
 photo DSC01175_zpsdb01f293.jpg

A very interesting concept!! Its actually cream of mushroom soup; just that liked Cappuccino, they have foam on top and instead of serving it with bowl, they place the soup inside a cup. Not bad but it is not creamy, more towards watery type.

Creamy Basmati Rice
 photo DSC01177_zps18fc2db4.jpg

Topped up additional $2 for this side dish as we were worried that Brandon might not have enough to eat. No comments about it as I dont really like creamy stuffs but Felix and Brandon love it.

 photo DSC01180_zps464b62c8.jpg

Felix and Brandon ordered this dish. Their saute potato is TDF!!! It is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. I rarely order fish as my main as I dont like fishy taste.

 photo DSC01178_zpsf208f24b.jpg

Kristy decided to try this dish. I tried a bit and despite all the raves from friends, I find the duck a bit drying. However, I really love their mashed potato!!

Saveur’s Pasta
 photo DSC01176_zpsa702df66.jpg

Okay. I had a hard time trying to separate the pasta LOL This is actually one of their starters. Topped up additional $2 to upsize the pasta. Very pretty looking pasta and it tasted not bad. Not too oily and the ebi is a surprisingly ingredient.

Chocolate and Hazelnut
 photo DSC01181_zps76baccb5.jpg

Super duper creamy but oh so yummy!! Love the sweetness of the chocolate moose! Consist of raspberry, rice pugffs, chocolate tuile & praline.

 photo DSC01182_zps4e493aaa.jpg


#01-07B, Far East Plaza
14 Scott’s Road

Opening Hours
Mon – Sat: 11:30 – 21:30
Sun: 11:30 – 21:00

Window shopping around Orchard before we walked back to Far East Plaza as I had a hair appointment as my usual hair salon, Maison Hairmake. Decided to cut off my curls and have a new hair color for 2014 😀 After some discussion with Jeremy, I decided to go for Lavender Ash! No no… In the end, I didnt end up with purple hair! LOL

 photo 20140112_191135_zpsoackp8di.jpg

It look more towards copperish brown under lightings. Gonna give it a couple of wash for the colors to be more obvious. My package which include hair cut, coloring, treatment and style cost $180. My hair length was below bra straps. Took 4 hours to complete. I walked out of the salon feeling and looking fabulous 😀

Dinner with Keven and Weiling’s family at Yishun to celebrate Keven’s birthday. It was a last-minute decision and its all Felix’s fault. Was a bit pissed off when he kept on asking me whether Im done with my hair. Hello, rush job will create disaster hairdo!! I hate people rushing me when Im trying to relax. Next time, Im going to the salon by myself.


A few weeks back, I was asking around whether anyone was interested in Kayaking as I chanced upon this Groupon deal. A good thing that Weishan was spontaneous to join me 😀 Both of us had kayak before but that was when we were still students. Met her at Vivocity yesterday and we took the Sentosa Express to Seabreeze which is located at Wavehouse. I havent been to Sentosa for ages so I was really surprised at the amount of activities in Siloso beach!! Even though theres Wave House Sentosa Buggy Service provided but we decided to walk over there since we were early.

Were trying to find Seabreeze when we saw this at Wavehouse…

 photo 20140105_164025_zpstasq3uzu.jpg

Super cool!!!

Finally managed to find Seabreeze! Before we went to register, we noticed a guy trying out Jetlev. Looks fun!!

 photo 20140105_164508_zpsvmkzgxwt.jpg

Kayak time!!

 photo 20140105_165411_zpsrnhs3eff.jpg

After filling out the forms, its us with our double kayak and life jackets. Theres a staff who gave us a brief instructions on how to use the paddles. Then we are on our own…

We booked our timing for 5pm so the tides were pretty high. I dont know how to swim and it doesnt help that I am placed to sit at the front by the staff. Even though I was strap on to a life jacket but I still feel insecure. Especially when I saw waves moving in front of me. And it doesnt help that we were the only one kayaking. Had a bit of a panic attack LOL Hey… Dont blame me. Im old and scared of death 😛

Despite all that, we had fun!! I had fun singing “Dayung sampan, dayung dayung sampan”. An hour of kayak ended too fast!

 photo 20140105_172141_zpseroh4jg9.jpg

 photo 20140105_180317_zpsj5a1inrw.jpg

 photo 20140105_180356_zpsekrfeanj.jpg

 photo 20140105_180436_zpsoq3fxnjh.jpg

Thanks for the company!!

 photo 20140105_180831_zpsys06qzqv.jpg

Wish all Sundays end up doing something fun and exciting~ Till the next time 🙂

Ohvola Agyness Top in Cobalt Blue. Size M

Its been a while since I last purchased from Ohvola. Decided to get this top as I really love the neckline details.

Upon opening the package, I was pretty disappointed with the crepe material as it feel liked its going to fur easily. As much as I really love the unique neckline, this is not a flattering top. Although I ordered mine in medium but the top turned out to be “F” which means that it is free sized. How do I know? The “F” is sewn at the back on the top. Felt a bit cheated. I really hate free sized apparel as they will make me look liked a dumpling. Whats the point of listing size S & M on your website when the top is actually free sized?

The top squeezed my armpits, tummy & waist fats. As I mentioned earlier, it is not a flattering top. At all. The back of the top will bundle up due to the back zip so the extra cloth will stick out. And seriously, the inner lining is really extra! The material is pretty thick itself so theres no need for extra inner lining. The inner lining makes the top look untidy when worn. I’ve to constantly pull the outer layer down so it wont look messy.

 photo 20131204_153005_zpsnxltr0ko.jpg

One of the most disappointing apparel I’ve ever bought online.

 photo IMG_20131229_133224_zpsxqacu3sa.jpg

Im UK 10.

Goodbye 2013 and Hello 2014 :D

Happy new year!! Looking back to 2013, its been a great year for me. I get to learn new stuffs, pick up new hobbies, made new friends, get some time alone and meet up friends often. Hopefully 2014 will be another good year too 🙂 Resolutions for 2014??

Save more money!!

Thats my top priority. Im glad that Im not into makeup anymore. Meaning that I can save even more! The amount of money I’ve been spending on cosmetics are INSANE. I have more than enough to last me for at least a lifetime. And I still have tons of unopened makeup stashing in my drawer. So, no more to makeup unless I’ve run out of it.

Have a toned body.

Losing weight is not my main focus anymore. Numbers on the weighing scale doesnt matter anymore. I’ve always maintain my weight no matter how much I exercise. I’ve accepted that I can never be a 45kg person due to my heavy bones and no, thats not an excuse at all. I’ve always been very self-conscious about my arm pit fats and protruding collarbone until friends started to give me lectures. Of course there are times when I have my fat days and feeling miserable. But rather than sit back and be a couch potato, I hit the road, attend yoga or just hit the gym. (Im going to add in cycling once I get myself a bicycle.) It doesnt matter how slow or short you run, not being able to perform certain poses or lift more weights compared to others. The thing is, YOU TRIED. Thats all it matters. If you feel that you ate too much today, eat lesser tomorrow. But never skip meals or have crush diets. Eat clean to have a fitter body and enjoy what you eat.

Spend less time on gadgets.

Im going to stop using my HP whenever Im having meals with my families and friends. Engaged in real conversations instead of focusing on facebook, twitter, email and instagram, not to mention that its rude to engage in conversations while staring at HP all the time. I have seen too much parents focusing on their gadgets that they didnt notice their children who are in front of them trying to catch their attentions.

Think less negativity.

As a typical Cancerian, I intend to over analyzing situations. Due to that, I often feel unhappy, anxiety and miserable. I have to stop all this! Life is too short to regret what you had done or said. What I can do is fix it and not let history repeat itself. Stop thinking too much. Smile and breath. Life is beautiful.

Thats all for my resolutions for 2014. I dont need to have a long list, I just need to stick to it.

Happy new year everyone 😀

Shop till we drop!

Its been such a long time since we went out shopping as a family. Stopped by Plaza Singapure for lunch before we went to collect Felix’s colleague HP from Samsung. Since we were in town, I suggested walking over to Paragon as I’ve been wanting to view my dream bag.

Givenchy Antigona Cowhide leather in medium. Black, of course. The actual bag is even more stunning IRL!! Love the sturdy and structured bag! I am very tempted to buy it on the spot 😛 $2.8K… Felix think that medium looks a bit too big but its the perfect size for me. I find the small version a bit too tiny and SG doesnt carry their large version. I saw the calfskin leather but I dont like the grained effect. Still prefer the shiny Cowhide leather although it seems to scratch easily. Wonder whether it will lose its shine and shape… The strap is a bit short. Will be better if its adjustable. Oh well…. Dream bag. Be mine soon, okay?

2nd stop, we went to Suntec. Cant resist walking into Kiss Jane and came out with this gorgeous dress from MGP Label. Love the color, flattering fit and mesh panel!! Its gonna be my second CNY dress for 2014.

 photo 20131229_175758_zpsunrrv3iq.jpg

Had our dinner at Prego which is located in Fairmont Hotel. I was not prepared to have our dinner there, our main purpose is to try their tiramisu which Felix cant stop raving about. But since we were late so we decided to settle for their dinner.

 photo DSC01164_zps32b5b30b.jpg

Strozzapreti. I decided to try this dish since it is recommended dish on the menu. I dont know what to expect as the description only stated “Mixed Mushroom, Italian Pork Sausage, Spiced Tomato Sauce.” It was until later that I realized Strozzapreti are “an elongated form of cavatelli, or hand-rolled pasta”. I really hate to read complicated menu… Its one of the reasons why I dont really like fine dining.

Strozzapreti have thicker texture compared to the usual pasta. I really love the sauce and pork sausage. The price is kinda steep thou ($34).

 photo DSC01166_zpsf4d5473b.jpg

Penne Carbonara. Typical. Felix’s love with bacon… I tried a bit of his and although I hate cream based pasta and bacon, this is really excellent! The bacon is so crispy! Despite the creamy base, you wont feel sick when eating it. I find the portion is a bit too big but he have no problem finishing it.

No pictures of the rest of the food as I dont wish to annoy the rest of the diners with my camera flash. Im very considerate LOL The kids ordered food from kids menu. Mac & Cheese for Kristy while Brandon had Chicken Nuggets. We also had their Crema di Funghi and we prefer Marche’s.

 photo DSC01167_zps03e15b2f.jpg

The main star of the night. Tiramisu!! OMG~ It is indeed the best that I’ve tried! The biscuits are not too soggy and its filled with the goodness of espresso and rum. It is also not too creamy. Perfect!


Fairmont Singapore
80 Bras Basah Road
Singapore 189560

Hours of Operation

Daily – 6:00am to 11:00am

Daily – 6:00am to 10:30pm

Monday to Saturday – 11:30am to 2:30pm

Daily – 6:30pm to 10:30pm

Monday to Saturday – 11:30am to 12:30am

Lunch Semi-Buffet*:
Sunday – 12:30pm to 3:00pm
*Standard à la carte menu is also available after 3:00 pm.

Heart pain over the dinner because it cost almost $150.

We spent most of our time in Royal Sporting House as they are having sales at Suntec’s outlet. I just have to get this pair of running shoes from Saucony. It is lightweight and I absolutely love the colors! So bright and cheerful! And it only cost $69 after discount 😀 Saucony is more known for their Kinvara series but I only saw Men’s version over there. It is my next wish list if Rapture serve me well.

 photo DSC01169_zps5b7a8558.jpg

My 6th running shoes. I dont care… One can never have too many shoes LOL Cant wait to hit the road with it!