Goodbye 2013 and Hello 2014 :D

Happy new year!! Looking back to 2013, its been a great year for me. I get to learn new stuffs, pick up new hobbies, made new friends, get some time alone and meet up friends often. Hopefully 2014 will be another good year too ­čÖé Resolutions for 2014??

Save more money!!

Thats my top priority. Im glad that Im not into makeup anymore. Meaning that I can save even more! The amount of money I’ve been spending on cosmetics are INSANE. I have more than enough to last me for at least a lifetime. And I still have tons of unopened makeup stashing in my drawer. So, no more to makeup unless I’ve run out of it.

Have a toned body.

Losing weight is not my main focus anymore. Numbers on the weighing scale doesnt matter anymore. I’ve always maintain my weight no matter how much I exercise. I’ve accepted that I can never be a 45kg person due to my heavy bones and no, thats not an excuse at all. I’ve always been very self-conscious about my arm pit fats and protruding collarbone until friends started to give me lectures. Of course there are times when I have my fat days and feeling miserable. But rather than sit back and be a couch potato, I hit the road, attend yoga or just hit the gym. (Im going to add in cycling once I get myself a bicycle.) It doesnt matter how slow or short you run, not being able to perform certain poses or lift more weights compared to others. The thing is, YOU TRIED. Thats all it matters. If you feel that you ate too much today, eat lesser tomorrow. But never skip meals or have crush diets. Eat clean to have a fitter body and enjoy what you eat.

Spend less time on gadgets.

Im going to stop using my HP whenever Im having meals with my families and friends. Engaged in real conversations instead of focusing on facebook, twitter, email and instagram, not to mention that its rude to engage in conversations while staring at HP all the time. I have seen too much parents focusing on their gadgets that they didnt notice their children who are in front of them trying to catch their attentions.

Think less negativity.

As a typical Cancerian, I intend to over analyzing situations. Due to that, I often feel unhappy, anxiety and miserable. I have to stop all this! Life is too short to regret what you had done or said. What I can do is fix it and not let history repeat itself. Stop thinking too much. Smile and breath. Life is beautiful.

Thats all for my resolutions for 2014. I dont need to have a long list, I just need to stick to it.

Happy new year everyone ­čśÇ


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