A few weeks back, I was asking around whether anyone was interested in Kayaking as I chanced upon this Groupon deal. A good thing that Weishan was spontaneous to join me 😀 Both of us had kayak before but that was when we were still students. Met her at Vivocity yesterday and we took the Sentosa Express to Seabreeze which is located at Wavehouse. I havent been to Sentosa for ages so I was really surprised at the amount of activities in Siloso beach!! Even though theres Wave House Sentosa Buggy Service provided but we decided to walk over there since we were early.

Were trying to find Seabreeze when we saw this at Wavehouse…

 photo 20140105_164025_zpstasq3uzu.jpg

Super cool!!!

Finally managed to find Seabreeze! Before we went to register, we noticed a guy trying out Jetlev. Looks fun!!

 photo 20140105_164508_zpsvmkzgxwt.jpg

Kayak time!!

 photo 20140105_165411_zpsrnhs3eff.jpg

After filling out the forms, its us with our double kayak and life jackets. Theres a staff who gave us a brief instructions on how to use the paddles. Then we are on our own…

We booked our timing for 5pm so the tides were pretty high. I dont know how to swim and it doesnt help that I am placed to sit at the front by the staff. Even though I was strap on to a life jacket but I still feel insecure. Especially when I saw waves moving in front of me. And it doesnt help that we were the only one kayaking. Had a bit of a panic attack LOL Hey… Dont blame me. Im old and scared of death 😛

Despite all that, we had fun!! I had fun singing “Dayung sampan, dayung dayung sampan”. An hour of kayak ended too fast!

 photo 20140105_172141_zpseroh4jg9.jpg

 photo 20140105_180317_zpsj5a1inrw.jpg

 photo 20140105_180356_zpsekrfeanj.jpg

 photo 20140105_180436_zpsoq3fxnjh.jpg

Thanks for the company!!

 photo 20140105_180831_zpsys06qzqv.jpg

Wish all Sundays end up doing something fun and exciting~ Till the next time 🙂


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