Happy 9th Wedding Anniversary!

We got married 9 years ago on the 12th January. How time flies! We are going to touch 10 years of anniversary soon! Every couple have their own ups and downs. Glad that we managed to pull through those difficult period of time. Marriage is never easy. So never take each other for granted.

My anniversary gift!!

 photo DSC01172_zpsa0135c00.jpg

Heres how the story goes… I was listening to my music when he came home from work. Told me to help him take some of his stuffs up from his vehicle. Okay, so I went down. Saw a huge ass DHL package and thought nothing of it. It wasnt heavy but super bulky to carry. Imagine I’ve to carry the keys, the box and his bottle. Once I reached home, I was complaining to him about the size of that box. He told me to open it and tadah~~ my dream bag is laying in there!! OMG!! Im so happy! Its exactly the one that I saw at Paragon’s Givenchy! Thank you, hubby!!

Skipped my usual Sunday morning yoga so that we can have an early lunch. Decided to dine atΒ Saveur. Been wanting to try their food ever since I heard lots of raves from my friends. A lot of people were telling me about the super long queue outside so we were a bit kiasu… We reached before 12pm πŸ˜› No queue at all!

Mushroom Cappuccino
 photo DSC01175_zpsdb01f293.jpg

A very interesting concept!! Its actually cream of mushroom soup; just that liked Cappuccino, they have foam on top and instead of serving it with bowl, they place the soup inside a cup. Not bad but it is not creamy, more towards watery type.

Creamy Basmati Rice
 photo DSC01177_zps18fc2db4.jpg

Topped up additional $2 for this side dish as we were worried that Brandon might not have enough to eat. No comments about it as I dont really like creamy stuffs but Felix and Brandon love it.

 photo DSC01180_zps464b62c8.jpg

Felix and Brandon ordered this dish. Their saute potato is TDF!!! It is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. I rarely order fish as my main as I dont like fishy taste.

 photo DSC01178_zpsf208f24b.jpg

Kristy decided to try this dish. I tried a bit and despite all the raves from friends, I find the duck a bit drying. However, I really love their mashed potato!!

Saveur’s Pasta
 photo DSC01176_zpsa702df66.jpg

Okay. I had a hard time trying to separate the pasta LOL This is actually one of their starters. Topped up additional $2 to upsize the pasta. Very pretty looking pasta and it tasted not bad. Not too oily and the ebi is a surprisingly ingredient.

Chocolate and Hazelnut
 photo DSC01181_zps76baccb5.jpg

Super duper creamy but oh so yummy!! Love the sweetness of the chocolate moose! Consist of raspberry, rice pugffs, chocolate tuile & praline.

 photo DSC01182_zps4e493aaa.jpg


#01-07B, Far East Plaza
14 Scott’s Road

Opening Hours
Mon – Sat: 11:30 – 21:30
Sun: 11:30 – 21:00

Window shopping around Orchard before we walked back to Far East Plaza as I had a hair appointment as my usual hair salon, Maison Hairmake. Decided to cut off my curls and have a new hair color for 2014 πŸ˜€ After some discussion with Jeremy, I decided to go for Lavender Ash! No no… In the end, I didnt end up with purple hair! LOL

 photo 20140112_191135_zpsoackp8di.jpg

It look more towards copperish brown under lightings. Gonna give it a couple of wash for the colors to be more obvious. My package which include hair cut, coloring, treatment and style cost $180. My hair length was below bra straps. Took 4 hours to complete. I walked out of the salon feeling and looking fabulous πŸ˜€

Dinner with Keven and Weiling’s family at Yishun to celebrate Keven’s birthday. It was a last-minute decision and its all Felix’s fault. Was a bit pissed off when he kept on asking me whether Im done with my hair. Hello, rush job will create disaster hairdo!! I hate people rushing me when Im trying to relax. Next time, Im going to the salon by myself.


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