L’oreal Color Riche Natural Lipstick in 378 Velvet Rose

“Finding the perfect shade of lipstick can be a real challenge. That’s why L’Oréal Paris have made it easy with their ‘Made for Me’ make-up range. Each lip shade has been expertly designed to suit every woman’s natural colouring from blondes to brunettes and fair to dark skin tones, each has their choice of shades for the perfect match.

This lipstick was a gift from a friend. In fact, she gave me 2 of L’oreal Color Riche lipsticks and I finally managed to do a review for one of them. Great to have someone who knows your taste 🙂 Thank you, Jacelyn.

L’oreal Color Riche lipsticks comes with 3 different ranges to suit different skin tone. Velvet Rose falls under “Brunettes”.

Made for Brunettes and Olive Skin Tones
Warm browns and plums will enhance your natural colouring.

 photo DSC01010_zps38878f2f.jpg

 photo DSC01011_zps3e6eed13.jpg

 photo DSC01013_zps2901a073.jpg


 photo DSC01014_zpsac3ca6d6.jpg

Once again, L’oreal have outdone themselves again. To be frank, L’oreal have never been my favorite brands. Somehow their products never fail to catch my eyes or amazed me despite their different varieties of items. The one and only product that I love is their makeup remover which is my HG. But recently, they have launch pretty good makeup. Liked Shine Caresse and my favorite; Infallible 24 HR eye shadow. I’m gonna add Color Riche as one of my favorite too 🙂

Velvet Rose is a warm medium pink which will suit most skin tone. Although it look rather “bleh” when I swatched it but I really love the color on my lips. It is so moisturizing! Absolutely love its’ buttery and creamy texture! It doesn’t emphasize fine lines or dry lips at all. It glides on smoothly and leave no streaks. I don’t even need to use my fingers or lip brush to even out the color. My lips instantly transform to luscious looking.

It is also amazingly lightweight and sits comfortably on my lips. Last me around 4-5 hours without touch up.

One thing I don’t particular like about this lippie is the scent. I find it quite overwhelming. Took me a while to get used to it. But other than that, Velvet Rose is definitely one of my favorite and to go lippies 🙂

 photo DSC01086_zps9e49f20e.jpg

Price: S$22.90


Ho ho ho~

Pretty busy recently so didnt get to update my blog (partly due to laziness too LOL).

Met up with Felix’s friends for dinner at The Mad Poet Gastrobar on Saturday. No pictures of the food as I forgotten to take our camera out. Tried to take photos with my handphone but the background was too dark. Food wise, Felix & I shared their smoked duck. It taste amazing!! The meat is thick, juicy and tender. Love the sides potatoes too! But the portion is way too small! I was still hungry after eating it… Ordered tuna steak for the kids and to our horror, it look too raw! So we requested them to grill it longer. The kids doesnt appreciate the tuna thou… As for dessert, they only have brownie with vanilla ice cream. I find their brownie a bit too drying.

Nothing fantastic about their food except for their smoked duck. For that kind of price we paid (close to $90), we can have fuller dinner elsewhere. In the end, we went to buy Mcdonald’s for supper :X

Hit the gym after my usual yoga on Sunday while Felix brought the kids over to Keven & Weiling’s place to continue their baking for Christmas day. Despite having cough, I still attend yoga since I am unable to run. No choice… Its either yoga or stay at home visualizing myself grown twice the size due to overindulgence 😛

Finally, the last dinner for December. Gatherings with Felix’s relatives on Christmas day itself. Our yearly affair.

Food and more food!! Had our usual gifts exchange and the family seems to grow every year…

 photo photo_zps66ae38ed.jpg

December, you are evil. You made my wallet burn a huge hole and made me eat liked theres no tomorrow. I still havent burn off those extra calories yet because I havent recover from my cough. Thank goodness for yoga 🙂 A workout is still a workout.

While on my way to attend this morning hot yoga, I saw these quotes on my facebook…

So true. After reading it, I felt more peaceful and at ease. Especially love #6

Stop thinking too much. Its alright not to know the answers. They will come to you when you least expect it.

May all of us have a joyous days and Merry Christmas!!

And before I forget…

I signed up for my first half marathon for Sundown Marathon!!! Keven will be joining me for the race and hopefully Clarissa will join too. OMG~ Just thinking of completing 21.1KM is making me nervous. Please, please let me complete the run within the cut off time.

Christmas gifts exchange Part 2 & 3

Man… Im still trying to recover from the overdose of food and meetups from last week!! A total of 3 dinners altogether! Madness LOL But its so worth it because we get to gather together and did some catch ups!

First up, met up with HSG for dinner at The Central’s Marutama Ramen on Friday. I’ve been telling them about the “basketball with mole ramen” when we met up for our Part 1 Christmas gifts exchange last week. I love ramen and its such a perfect dish for the recent crazy weather!

 photo DSC01119_zpsc989a8f6.jpg

Most of us ordered their spicy ramen. Added $1.50 for their flavoured egg which I didnt regret at all. Definitely one of the best Tamago I’ve ever tried! I prefer this to Ippudo as the broth is less oilier. Maybe because Marutama Ramen is using chicken based broth instead of pork. To be frank, I am rather disappointed with their limited choices of ramen. Theres only 1 pathetic piece of char siew. But the soup, noodles and egg make up for it.

 photo DSC01120_zps8c8f0ff8.jpg

Marutama Ramen

#03-90, The Central
8 Eu Tong Sen Street

Opening Hours
Daily: 11:00 – 22:00

Gifts exchange time! This time round, missing Tiphanie & Jacelyn. Sigh… When can we have our “全家福”??

 photo page1_zps412bdf26.jpg

Us with our individual present.

 photo page_zpsbc411044.jpg

My secret Santa is none other than…. NOI!!! This solemate of mine certainly know me very well. Im a die-hard fan of clutches!! Give me one and I am yours~

 photo DSC01134_zps477ca9d3.jpg

Dessert is a must after dinner. Went to Haato & Co for their famous waffle!

 photo DSC01131_zps60a563d0.jpg

Clockwise: Yuzu Sorbet, Green Tea, Pistachio & Earl Grey. Out of the 4 flavours, we prefer Pistachio. I think we went a bit overboard on the gelato LOL 4 scoops of ice cream on top of a waffle!! We havent finish our ice cream and it started to melt. I prefer my waffle to be crispy but theirs are too soggy for my liking.

 photo DSC01130_zps4e9e0598.jpg

Do try their Lemon Meringue! It is surprisingly yummy & refreshing! Not as sour as I thought and the crust is very crispy.

Haato & Co.

#01-74, Central
6 Eu Tong Sen Street

Opening Hours

Sun – Thu: 11:00 – 23:00
Fri – Sat: 11:00 – 01:00

 photo DSC01132_zpsea86bd13.jpg

I love these crazy gals! My yearly clubbing affair didnt happened but still glad for some beer company with Noi & Peiying at The Pump Room 🙂 Till the next meetup and hopefully we can all able to attend 😀

Steamboat dinner at Sherin’s house on Saturday!

 photo 20131214_191608_zpsujyaehfx.jpg

I really enjoyed the cozy and intimate dinner with my long time buddies. No crowds around us so we can eat peacefully. I love how our conversations just automatically flow without any awkward silences. Thanks for preparing all the food, Sherin!! Too busy eating to take photos 😛 A pity that Weishan wasnt able to join us.

Gifts exchange time! We spent quite a while to draw lots as we kept on picking our own names LOL In the end, I got Jasline’s present while she got Sherin’s present and Sherin got Annie’s present and Annie got the honour of receiving mine.

 photo DSC01136_zpsa9af6365.jpg

4 women = 2 markets 😛

Thanks for the present, Jasline! Love the necklace!!

 photo DSC01137_zps94ac9c0c.jpg

You know, when you grow older… People around you changed and so have you. Some people will always be there for you while some are just passerby. Different stages of life will have different friends. I used to feel sad over losing some friends which I thought will last forever. But now, instead of brooding over the past, I’ve learned to appreciate the people around me. I used to be so bothered over; “Why they didnt asked me out?!”, “Why are they still in touch with her?!”, “Why they didnt wish me happy birthday?!” etc… I used to feel jealous when I saw photos of them on facebook because Im not part of them anymore. But now, I feel glad. Glad that they dont and wont have this influence on me anymore. I dont believe in “friends forever” now as theres no such thing as forever but I’ll still treasure the friendship we’ve built together. The reason why we crossed path… Fate 🙂

Collected my prize at Concorde Shopping Centre on Thursday. Thank you, Cosmopolitan & Anna Sui!!

 photo DSC01140_zps3f40e360.jpg

Also headed down to Funan to collect Minions. Finally the complete set!! They never fail to brighten my day 🙂

 photo DSC01142_zps724d682c.jpg

Its a bad idea to go shopping alone…

 photo DSC01138_zps0e644c96.jpg

I’ve been wanting to get this pair of heels ever since I saw it at Kiyo. But it is quite expensive so I didnt get it. Everytime I walked past the shop, I couldnt resist going in to have a look. After 2 months of hesitating, I decided to get it 😛 Saved a bit with their 20% discounts.

2 more dinners to go! For the meantime, its run, yoga & gym 🙂 Exercise to eat, eat the food you likes, be with people you love and live life to the fullest!!

Christmas gifts exchange Part 1

December is always the busiest and wallet-confirm-going-bust month. Did a Christmas gifts exchange with HSG on Monday but Lynn & Noi werent able to join us. So its just the 5 of us at The Tiramisu Hero. I was the first to reached so I went to book table while waiting for the rest to reach.

 photo DSC01087_zpsc975f9b3.jpg

 photo DSC01088_zps9e46d408.jpg

They have really cute decorations!!

Truffle Eggs Bacon Roll
 photo DSC01096_zps8b0ba2b5.jpg

A very interesting snackers which Peiying & Tiphanie ordered to share. I tried a bit and I love its fluffy eggs in the middle. Not a fans of bacon thou and the mushroom tasted very bitter. Not a must try dish.

Jayne Mac & Cheese
 photo DSC01093_zps02aa41d4.jpg

The four of us shared this dish as Ruo Xuan was going on and on about wanting to try their mac & cheese. It tasted really good!! Best to eat immediately after served as it was warm and super cheesy.

Ham & Cheese Wrap
 photo DSC01092_zpsa344ec23.jpg

Have a thing for wrap recently so I decided to try this. Glad that I made a great choice. Super love the melting cheese in the middle! The dressing taste tangy yet spicy at the same time. Definitely tease your taste buds. My only complain is the portion of the wrap. Its too small!

Savoury Creamy Salmon
 photo DSC01094_zps5b3c9fca.jpg

Ruo Xuan decided to order this dish when she saw the actual dish. Well, it looks better. Both of us find the salmon is too raw and theres a fishy taste to it.

Bangers with Mac & Cheese
 photo DSC01095_zpsf711a52a.jpg

All of us were stunned by the portion of the dish which Jacelyn ordered! Obviously its too much for her so all of us “helped” her to finish LOL Love the sausages!!! Thank goodness they dont have beef. Combined together with mac & choose = Worth the calories.

Desserts time!!! Been wanting to try their tiramisu!! Their original flavors were sold out on that day 😦

Clockwise; Lemon, Cinnamon & Matcha.
 photo DSC01099_zpsd7f10e27.jpg

Hmmm… Tiramisu were a hit and miss. As much as I love Cinnamon, I couldnt say the same for Lemon & Matcha. The cream on the lemon flavor was too thick. As for Matcha, I couldnt really taste the green tea. Pretty disappointing with their supposedly popular tiramisu.

Red Velvet Cake
 photo DSC01100_zpsb748063d.jpg

Do not order this! As Tiphanie is on BF-ing so no tiramisu for her and she decided to get this. It is so drying and hard! All of us tried a bit and agreed that it tasted really very horrible. Needless to say, we didnt finish that.

The Tiramisu Hero

121 Tyrwhitt Road

Opening Hours
Thu – Tue: 11:00 – 22:00
Closed: Wed

To Jacelyn & Ruo Xuan, thanks so much for the sweet treats!!

 photo DSC01103_zpsa9825ca2.jpg

 photo DSC01091_zps341d2fdc.jpg

Gifts exchange time!!

 photo DSC01105_zpsf4e11fca.jpg

My secret Santa was not there today so no present for me but theres small gestures from the rest. Im feeling so much love!!

 photo DSC01111_zps08732f37.jpg

The ladies with their respective present. Yeah… Ruo Xuan & I were the left out ones LOL

 photo page1_zps77ddf1ab.jpg

 photo DSC01112_zps15f07db9.jpg

Oh… This shot was taken inside their toilet. Nice decorations BTW 🙂

 photo DSC01118_zps25477e65.jpg

Especially thanks to the friendly staff for helping us to take group photo 😀

 photo DSC01117_zps24be96b2.jpg

Now its the guessing game! Guess who’s who?!

 photo page_zpsa3e5bf91.jpg

As usual had a great night out with them. Finally catch up with the new mum who is busy with her new-born. Cant wait to meet up with the Lynn & Noi so that we can exchange presents. Yeah… We are each others’ secret Santa.

Happy 7th Birthday!!

This darling boy had turned 7 years old on 6th December 2013. For a boy, he is really very “teh” LOL So I often teased him for behaving liked a gal. He had his unofficial birthday cake last month at Keven & Weiling’s place but unfortunately I forgotten to bring out my camera thus no photos.

Felix took 2 days off so we went to JB on Friday together with Keven & Weiling as they wanted to buy fans for their new house.

First stop, lunch at El Migos Mexican Pizzadillas.

 photo CIMG0499_zps497fb17d.jpg

 photo CIMG0500_zps20ca5761.jpg

 photo CIMG0501_zps81414957.jpg

 photo CIMG0505_zpsb9e45a54.jpg

 photo CIMG0503_zpsa1bf2b27.jpg

 photo CIMG0502_zps6fdf299a.jpg

 photo CIMG0504_zps78ebf17c.jpg

Im loving my healthy Cajun Chicken wrap! The ingredients are fresh and I love to munch at the crunchy veggies. The tomatoes at the sides are bruschetta’s tomatoes and it taste so yummy! I hate any forms of tomatoes but this is surprisingly good!! I love the tortilla chips too! A must order dish if you are there 🙂

Their mushroom soup and garlic bread are delicious too. Soup is not watery and theres generous servings of mushrooms.

As for the rest of their food… Judging by all the complains from the rest, I would say skip it. For the first time ever, Felix didnt touched the fries after trying a few. He said that it was cold and hard. Keven who is not a fussy eater also cant managed to finish his macaroni while Weiling gave up on the spaghetti.

So… yeah. Find another restaurant to dine if you are in City Square.

Window shopping and as usual, theres nothing for me to buy. For some unknown reason, I can never find anything nice at City Square. I’ll usually spend more on food LOL

Took a cab down to the location for buying the fans. They bought 6 KBK wall fans altogether!! 2 of them belong to us. Lugging them back to Singapore is so troublesome. I wouldnt go through that trouble.

Decided to stop by Compass Point for dinner and popped by Polar Puffs & Cakes to buy a birthday cake for Brandon.

 photo CIMG0506_zpsc2e9b36f.jpg

 photo CIMG0507_zps125b9638.jpg

Saturday we went to Bugis Junction. Bought a birthday present for Brandon. He chose this:

 photo CIMG0509_zps8249368e.jpg

I used to like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when I was a kid. My favorite is Michaelangelo 😀

I cant believed that we spent almost $40 on chocolates!! Bought all these exotic kit kat flavors at Bugis Village. Expensive but I really couldnt resist as I really loves kit kat and will try every available flavors.

 photo CIMG0510_zpsd302c331.jpg

The big packs are going for 3 for $20 while the box of kit kat cost $8 each. Bought Pocky green tea midi as I wanted to try 😛 Am a huge fans of green tea too! Which part of Bugis Village? Just walked straight all the way when you are inside and you’ll see it.

Met up Ruo Xuan for gym session after my yoga on Sunday. Legs day!!!! We shall torture each other at least once a month LOL

 photo IMG_20131208_171841_zps20gvm5n6.jpg

L’oreal Paris Shine Caresse in 605 Eve

“The next generation lip colour, that combines the texture & shine of a gloss with the long wear of a stain. Delivering a lasting colour with a subtle glossy shine.

The unique formula comprised of 30% water and 60% oil provides an exceptionally high level of moisture, allowing for 6 hour hydration.

Concentrated soluble colour pigments create a subtle wet look with a weightless feeling on lips.”

I’ve read in beauty blogs and forums that L’oreal Shine Caresse is a dupe for YSL Glossy Stain. So naturally, I’m looking forward for Singapore to bring them in and when they finally did, I cant wait to lay my hands on them! After swatching all 8 colors at Watsons, I decided to get Eve as I think that it is an outstanding color. Kinda sick of sticking to my usual pinks and nudes lippies.

 photo DSC00983_zpsad63feb6.jpg

 photo DSC00985_zps60a9c1ed.jpg

 photo DSC00987_zpsf759f3ae.jpg

The applicator does reminds me of YSL Glossy Stain.


 photo DSC00988_zpsd9a55d2c.jpg

Im not surprised to see similarity between L’oreal Shine Caresse and YSL Glossy Stain as they are under the same company. What really surprised me is the texture of Shine Caresse which is the same as Glossy Stain! I love the unique smooth texture when I applied on my lips. Really feels liked running water over my lips.

Eve is a unique color. It look liked plum color in the tub, fuschia when swatched and looked reddish when applied on my lips. It is also very pigmented. I have a hard time applying on the corners of my lips as the sponge applicator is too big. If I applied directly from the applicator, it will leave some stain at the corners. So I’ll usually either use my lip brush or fingers to smoothen the gloss. I find the effect a bit too glossy for my liking. It doesnt feel sticky or drying at all and sits comfortably on my lips as it is pretty lightweight.

Im very impressed with its staying power. For a lipgloss, it is really lasting. For me, it last around 3-4 hours before it starts to fade. Supposedly to act liked a lip stain but it failed miserably. After it started to fade and leave stains on my lips, it leaves uneven patches. As the color is bright so it is pretty obvious and ugly.

Between Loreal and YSL, I’ll choose Loreal for its pocket friendly price. Seriously, they are almost the same! Just that YSL Glossy Stain have slightly thicker texture and more colors selection. But other than that, remove their brand’s names and you’ll find similar result.

Im still not used to seeing bold colors on my lips…

 photo DSC00989_zpsf8312b56.jpg

Price: S$18.90

MGPlabel Emery Jewel Romper in Black. Size M

Fell in love with this romper after trying it in Kiss Jane. After trying out the size, I decided to get it from their website since its cheaper 😛

It is my first time buying from MGP. Received the romper within 48 hours.

 photo CIMG0486_zps4aa8cbd6.jpg

One thing I like about this romper is its simplicity. It comes in 4 colors; black, white, mint and lavender. I chose black because it look classic compared to the rest of the colors and of course, for its slimming effect. Plus the embellishments on the collar look more outstanding against black.

 photo CIMG0491_zpsab4448b1.jpg

Size M fits me nicely on the PTP but is quite fitting on the waist. Means that I cant gain any weight or else I wont be able to fit in! I tried size L at Kiss Jane but the PTP is too loose so in the end, I decided to get size M. This is one of the better fit rompers I had purchased online. I like the slightly flare bottom which doesnt hug my thunder thighs and the slit cut at the bottom makes the romper appeared less formal looking.

Although it is fully lined, I find the satin material is on the thin side so seamless undies is highly recommend. Can see my tummy when I worn it but since its black, it wasnt that obvious (At least to me LOL). No problem in zipping up the romper by myself. For $32, it is quite expensive for such a simple romper but my never-dying love for rompers/playsuits didnt prevent me from buying 😛

 photo 20131124_125124_zpscd130a15.jpg

Im UK 10, 1.67m